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Unlimited 4K UHD OB Truck

Wtih 52, 4K HDR camaras in our brand new Expandable OB Truck, you will benifit from all the newest production needs. Combined with your content we will develop the future tv productions together. Further more you find 24 seats with true 5:1 audio mixing area.


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Expect a little more ...

HDR is a full-service facility house with a long list of services in broadcast, advertising and film. We work with production houses and broadcasters in the Nordic countries, in addition to business clients who want an innovative and future-proof media solution.

Our believes

We believe in being productive in order to offer "the whole deal” - from the simple rental to the design, installation and operation of a complete television channel.

HDR consists of the most competent staff, the latest technology and the best studios. The studios are the physical environment to access, and the technique gives you a high-quality production. However, it is our employees who provide the finishing touch. Here, a client will always get competent advice of experienced specialists - and our wide network means that we always have the capability to comply with the customer’s wishes.

Efficient workflow

We aim to provide the right workflow. Unnecessary processes are trimmed and replaced by innovative technical solutions - solutions that will streamline production and save both time and resources.

Collaboration with HDR guarantees an innovative workflow that effectively allows creativity safe passage to success.

Welcome to HDR!

Are you a business client?

... And looking for a future-proof media solution with the latest digital technology, or maybe just to optimize your workflow?

Contact Jesper Nørgaard, +4542440090 and learn more about how we can help you with a unique and innovative solution.